LG 511c Review – Phone Functions

by LG 511c Review on February 22, 2012

This is the portion of the review where I look at how well this device functions when it comes to the basics – making and receiving calls. Here you go:

The reception has been very good for me, using the Verizon network. I found a few people complaining that the reception on the LG Rumor Touch (a very similar model to the 511c)was poor, but they were all Sprint users so I am attributing those problems to the network rather than the phone. Since the Straight Talk version will not be on Sprint, I think you can have confidence in the signal reception of this one.

The call quality is also quite good. In fact, it was among the best I’ve tried recently. The volume is also good, although you will experience some distortion at the highest volume levels. I didn’t have trouble hearing in noisy situations, but I did have to focus more effort on the task in order to make sure I was understanding everything. Both of these last two points are pretty common with the phones I’ve tested.

The ringtones are plenty loud for me. I could hear the phone ringing in the next room while I was wearing noise-blocking headphones and listening to music, so I don’t think that should be a concern. The selection of default ringtones is very limited, though, so you might want to add your own mp3 ringtones, which you can do using the microSD card slot, USB or bluetooth connection, or by downloading them directly to the phone.

Like most phones I’ve tried lately, the LG 511c from Straight Talk also allows users a lot of flexibility with the address book. You can assign both ringtones and text message tones to individual contacts, or to groups of contacts. Further, one of the four home screens on the touch screen is dedicated to contacts, and users can create shortcuts to their most-used contacts on this home screen. Tapping on one of these shortcuts will then bring up the following options: call, send SMS, send MMS, or edit phonebook entry.

I have found the battery life thus far to be very good. On touch screens like this I expect to get two days max out of a charge, but so far I’ve been getting more in the 4-5 day range. Of course, this will vary wildly depending on how much you are using your phone, and how you are using your phone. On a phone like this, the power required to light the large screen will place the biggest drain on the battery. Other activities that drain the battery are voice calls, obviously, as well as data usage and bluetooth connections.


LG 511c Review – Appearance and External Qualities

by LG 511c Review on February 13, 2012

This phone looks very ordinary, which I guess can be a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, I don’t think you’ll have any saying “Oooh, what phone is that?” But at the same time, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb and look like a cheap old prepaid phone, like older TracFone’s did. In fact, it appears to be nearly identical to the LG Banter Touch or LG Rumor Touch, which are available for Sprint and US Cellular.

Appearance of the LG 511cIt seems to be well-made although in searching online I did find a few complaints about poor durability, specifically regarding the screen itself. In my testing, I have not had any similar problems. The slider mechanism seems smooth and well-made, and the screen appears to be clear and sharp. The front bezel has a glossy finish to give a sleek appearance, but the back cover has more of a matte finish, which I found to greatly enhance my grip on the phone. The buttons and keys give a good click feedback, without requiring too much pressure to activate them.

One test that I always like to do is to slide the phone in and out of a front pants pocket to see how easy it is to handle as well as how comfortable it is to carry around. I expected the 511c to not score well in this area, but truthfully it’s not much different than any other recent phone I compared it against, with the exception of the super-sleek LG 800g touch screen. As I mentioned above, the slide-out keyboard on the 511c does add some bulk, and that’s noticeable compared to the touchscreen-only 800g. At the same time, text entry is much faster, for me at least, with the physical keyboard compared to the touch screen on the 800g. So there’s definitely a trade-off.


LG 511c Review Overview

February 2, 2012

General Overview The biggest selling point of the LG 511c is the fact that it uses Verizon’s CDMA network. For years now, Straight Talk (as well as sister brands TracFone and Net10) have had a limited selection of phones available to users who need coverage from the Verizon network. Indeed, the selection still lags behind […]

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